Prospects for the Use of Phenylethylamine in Medical Research


Starting from the moment when humanity became able to reproduce artificial phenylethylamine in the laboratory, an ongoing study of research chemicals on biological organisms began. Nowadays, medicine based on the protein substance is not used in broad medical practice and are not leading in the treatment of a particular disease, as they are being studied for safety and efficacy. However, in the future, they have great potential.

Treatment of Depressive States 

Phenylethylamine has a psychotropic effect so that it can be part of a comprehensive treatment of depression. Since phenylethylamine is converted into hormones that activate positive emotions, this will theoretically contribute to a decline in melancholia and hypochondria.

Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease 

It has been observed that dopamine production decreases during Parkinson’s disease, which ensures a person’s ability to perform smooth and coordinated movements that are necessary for everyday life.

Besides, the biochemical substance produces a sense of pleasure to obtain positive emotions and contributes to the motivation for specific actions (work, sports, school, etc.).

Scientists believe that if you add drugs with the described amino acid to the complex therapy, the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease will significantly decrease and even disappear. You can just search for a correct one and buy research chemicals China.

Treatment of Vitiligo 

Vitiligo is a disease characterized by impaired pigmentation and persistent discoloration of the skin due to the disappearance of the melanin pigment in certain areas of the body. Phenylethylamine is involved in the synthesis of melanin. Therefore, the introduction of a protein compound in parallel with exposure to ultraviolet radiation will allow many patients suffering from dyschromia to restore skin pigmentation. Today, it is essential to buy research chemicals if there is a need to treat this disease. 

Correction of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 

It has been proven that patients with ADHD have a low level of phenylalanine, so there is hope that in the future they will be able to solve the nervous system disease by treating the body with the necessary group of amino acids.

Improvement of Cognitive Function

Research chemicals for sale promote the production of acetylcholine. And it plays a key role in several cognitive processes, such as memory formation and ability to learn. Increased levels of acetylcholine lead to a prolongation of the range of attention, improved clarity of mind, and increased concentration. Besides, phenylethylamine increases norepinephrine, a cerebral variant of adrenaline, which is necessary for caution and quick reaction.

Increase in Concentration

Dopamine is a key neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of attention. By increasing levels of dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, phenylethylamine can increase energy and alertness. High doses of phenethylamine led to the same behavior as amphetamines, including an increase in energy. Therefore, the possibility to buy research chemicals online becomes more popular.

Increase of Physical Energy

Increased energy-producing catecholamines (dopamine and norepinephrine) leads to amphetamine-like stimulation and increased productivity. Phenylethylamine causes behavioral and physiological effects similar to amphetamine. Unlike amphetamine and other stimulants, phenylethylamine is endogenous to the brain. Therefore, it does not develop tolerance or dependence, and there are no side effects similar to stimulants.

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